Armada Yalıtım® that is workingwithMardav, Velux, Fixa, Nova wood, Famerit, Greton as a solution partner and entered into a distributor ship with Yaltex, has been producing water insulation product sunder the brand of Armexand Support paver pedestals with Support branded.
Support® has been producing Support paver pedestals which can be applicable under various tiles (deck, ashlar, granite, glassetc…) can remove level differences which are caused by the slope concrete and can range in height from 35 mm to 650 mm are made up of pedestals of adjustable heights.
Armstone® offers natural, granular, composit estone and laminated ceramic tiles fromal lac cros the world that have high and unique qualities
Armwood® offers systems that consist of Thermowood, Compositeand Natural Woodwhich can beplaced on Support® paverpedestals.
Armroof® Green has been providing "Modular Green Roof" systems that is easily applicable, economic, ecological and not installed irrigation system by plan ting unused placesso that people spend their time more efficiently and healthy.
Armada Yalıtım Support Sistem Armstone Armwood ArmRoof Green
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